Black Privilege

Its a great read that really feels like a conversation. Charlamagne talks about 8 principles that he has learned on his path to success that made him the man he is today. I have been a fan of him for a good 2 years now following the brilliant idiots podcast and the breakfast club so I know a lot of the stories he talks about but there was never full context to them until now. One thing I was concerned about was that he might tone down his style to have more success, but this is the same Charlamagne that everyone loves to hate. Black Privilege is in a sense a click bait title because this doesn’t only apply to black people but everyone who wants to pursue their passion.

Charlamagne’s development through his life is nothing short of phenomenal. He starts as a kid from the dirt roads of Moncks Corner, South Carolina population 8000 (He used to remind us every week on his podcast) with a love for reading and learning, to a troubled young man that even incarceration several times couldn’t get through to him. He finally discovered his passion in radio and applied himself, putting his craft ahead of a paycheck.

All of the principles are great things to learn and things that I want to apply to my life but the ones that stood out to me was PYP ( Pick your Passion, Poison or Procrastination) and “Put the Weed in the Bag”. The PYP principle stood out to me because I and many other have been picking procrastination and not even realizing it. I would always settle for what is safe and wait for an opportunity to just come out of nowhere. Put the weed in the bag is a metaphor for put in the work first. So many people don’t want to put in the work in the beginning stages of their work and its important to grind and make relationships with others.

However, there are time where he distracts from the point with interesting but at times irrelevant stories. More often then not this isn’t a problem so on his next book I know its going to be better.

If I could ask Charlamagne a question, it would be if he plans on doing a second installment of black privilege because his career is only going to grow from here. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who feels like they need the extra push to pursue their passion or if they just want to enjoy a good success story.

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