Day 2

I just heard of Mark Battles 3 days ago and since then Day 2 has been on repeat at work and at the gym. Day 2 is a well made album that features Tory Lanez in four out of twelve songs and a few other artists. Mark Battle’s Day 2 hits every point I look for in an album, he has good metaphorical and at times thought provoking lyrics, he is a good story teller, and he can make hard type radio songs.

“Really here for peace and love, so let them vibes circulate. Busy trying to earn respect, you busy trying to earn a break”

My favorite songs on the album are Twenty Seventeen and Smiles and Cheers. Twenty Seventeen has a slow but freestyle like flow and a jazz like melody that really fits the tone. He talks about his hard work ethic and the time it took to get him where he is now. Smiles and Cheers is broken into three parts. The first part he talks about his depression from losing friends, his abusive stepfather, and feeling lonely. He then follows up with the second part that sounds like an interlude that keeps the theme of depression. The third part he is coming through it talking about the ways. I always appreciate it when a rapper deals with mental health issues.

“You ever heard of a riddle? Give you something ridiculous, the word in the middle.”

This album isn’t perfect though. When he wants to do hard radio type music he delivers and when he does laid back lyrical type music he delivers but listening to the album there doesn’t feel like a good balance. As minor as it is the order of the songs bothered me on my first listen.

I just became a fan of Mark Battles with this incredible album and unsurprisingly its a contender for best rap album of the year so far. If you’re just hearing about Mark Battles then give him a listen, you’ll be just as pleasantly surprised as I was.

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