Thoughts on Cloak & Dagger

Cloak and Dagger is the story of two young adults that are mysteriously connected through their childhood traumas. Tyrone tries to rescue is older brother who is shot by a police officer and falls into a lake. Tandy was in an accident after her father takes a serious work call while driving. There is a mysterious explosion and Tyrone see’s a hand come from light as Tandy see’s a hand come from darkness.

Several years later you can see the effects of their tragedies. Tandy becomes a con artist that is basically homeless. Her father’s death leaves the family in poverty and Tandy seems to pick up her mother’s drug habit. Tyrone acts like a normal teenager but he has trouble dealing with his anger on the inside. This anger comes out in outburst to situations in his life and it is rooted to his brother’s murder. So far, the only villain in this dark superhero drama is their own inner demons.


“There’s poison running through my veins. Doesn’t it belong in his too?”- Tyrone speaking about revenge. 

My favorite thing about this new show is the contrast between the two characters. Tyrone is living a normal life at a private catholic school where he plays basketball, gets therapy, and has two supporting parents. Tandy has a difficult, to say the least, relationship with her mother, is unable to open up to anyone, and has to live off of stealing and conning. Tandy just wants to run away from all her problems and never open up to anyone, but she gets the power to make light daggers and better healing. Tyrone wants to find the person responsible for his anger and get his own justice, but he gets the power of teleportation and darkness. Tandy seems to not want to kill and Tyrone is willing take someone’s life. Tandy is able to see people’s hopes and dreams while Tyrone is able to witness their fears. It really feels like Tyrone has a life of “light or good” but harbor darkness while Tandy has a “dark or bad” life but harbors light. Tyrone gets the ability to runaway while Tandy gets the ability to fight. This is a good mix of original source material and the current vision of the characters. I can’t wait to see their interactions and how they deal with, or not, with their problems.

The music that plays throughout the two episodes always is great and always fits the mood of the scene. There is an official spotify playlist for the music in the show.


The lighting is great and the overall production seems to be handled with a lot of care. The acting is amazing and I am very optimistic for this shows future. You can watch it on Hulu or for free on freefoam’s website here.

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