Cloak and Dagger Episode 3 Review

The third episode of Cloak and Dagger titled “Stained Glass” is another great episode that develops characters and builds tension.

Warning does contain spoilers


Tandy is waking up from an accident caused by Tyrone not being able to control his powers. Even after being accidentally shot at, suffering a concussion and meeting Tyrone again she is still determined to get out of the city. After going home to clean herself up she was taking the first bus out of the city. While boarding she falls asleep and wakes up in the same spirit world where she can see people’s hopes. This time she see’s Tyrones. Tyrone is wearing all white and walks to a table to pick up a weapon. He picks up the gun he shoots Connors but the police immediately after. A replay of the same vision happens but this time he picks up a rope but the police are after him and it is heavily implied they use that same rope to hang him. The last attempt Tandy puts her light dagger on the table and when Tyrone reaches for it it turns into handcuffs. Connors runs away this time.

Tyrone after the accident went back to his school and prayed. He prays for direction and what he should do. He even goes as far as to say he’s cursed. Evita invites him on a tour of Congo Square, one of the birth places of voodoo. After the tour Tyrone meets Evita Aunt who is a Voudon priestess. She gives Tyrone and Evita a list of materials to buy to take a Voudon bath that is supposed to release any evil spirits. During this bath Tyrone wakes up in the dark dimension or spirit world (Not quite sure what to call it yet). In this place he see’s Tandy’s fear. Tandy’s see’s her father being waterboarded by his co-workers. That replays twice until Tyrone yells at her to stop, using his darkness, and tells her she can’t run away. The next sequence Tyrone see’s Tandy as a young girl, giving people she’s met in her life pills in the church she sleeps in. After she gives them pills they fall over. I believe she thinks herself as a poison to all those around her.

These visions helped Tandy develop a little more. Tandy decided to talk to detective O’Reily and face her case instead of running away. When Tandy returns to the church she finds Tyrone waiting on her. I know much time hasn’t passed but she looked like she is ready to face another problem instead of running away.


This episode let both Tandy and Tyrone know more about each other without the actual dialogue which was interesting. It was teased twice before but I hope this time they finally have a conversation with each other. I also hope Evita’s auntie makes another appearance. I think this show is going to use her as a means to explain their power’s origin.

One thing that stood out to me was the story of the Wilson brothers. The Wilson Brothers dueled there in 1793. They dueled in the middle of a hurricane. When one brother fired and the other didn’t, sacrificing himself, the hurricane went away. I know in the trailers it says one will live and the other will die, so I think they’re somehow connected to the Wilson brother’s story and will share a similar fate. Its just a prediction I have for the ending.

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