My Hero Continues to Impress

After All Might’s retire the hero society is trying to come up with ways to fill the void he is going to leave. There seems to be some Illuminati type group that comes up with these decisions. They decided to hold a provisional license exam for up and coming heroes. If passed, this test would give younger heroes a chance to respond to emergency situations and use their quirk in public as long as they’re following the law. The exam changes every year and this year it was based around teamwork. So of course most of class A of U.A passed except Todoroki and Bakugo, who like to do their own things anyway.

This arc showed a lot of interesting things in the world. A cool thing that was explored more is how important it is for heroes to work with the development studio that makes their costumes and weapons. A good example is Kaminari, he can only shock the things he touches and too much of it will fry his brain. So he has a tool to help him channel his electricity so he can direct it and fight from a distance now. Hopefully he’ll get a little more focus.


Another cool thing this arc showed was how the famous U.A is seen to other hero schools. Young heroes from other schools thought they would have the advantage over them because they know their quirks and various things about them but as their teacher Aizawa mentioned, if you’re a pro hero your abilities and weaknesses are known to the public already. This was just an extra layer of training for them.

There were a few new characters introduced but I doubt they will be reoccurring characters. Shindo probably has one my favorite quirks being able to make and control vibrations. He was somewhat interesting personality hiding his real personality in front of people he just met. Yoarashi has a top tier quirk being able to control wind but is a terrible character. Not only is he just loud and obnoxious, he has a terrible motivation for hating Todoroki. He reminds me of Syndrome, the villain from the Incredibles but at least he makes up for it with his personality. Gang Orca looks amazing and seems cool, but like the other new characters I doubt he is getting anymore screen time after this.


After the provisional license exam Bakugo calls out Deku to talk about his quirk and to confirm it was passed down from All Might. Confirming this Bakugo wanted to fight to release his frustrations. One thing I love about this show is the fight scenes and they continue to impress me. This fight had a lot to present. It showed how Deku and Bakugo each truly felt about each other.


Deku took this oppurtunity to not only to try to help Bakugo but also improve on his new shoot style. This was the first time we get to see Bakugo in a vulnerable place and the voice actor does an amazing job. The animation, music and pacing were all amazing for this fight. The most impressive thing is that it was quick. In other mainstream anime fights will take several episodes to finish. In total this fight was only about half an episode. They managed to fit in the fighting, character growth, and dialogue in under 12 minutes. A lot of anime series can’t do that. I know most people hate the dynamic between these two characters but I like how they influence each other. Deku constantly puts Bakugo’s ego in check with his rapid improvement while Bakugo brings how a more competitive Deku. As I mentioned in my previous thoughts, I am not a fan of Deku he really loosened up this episode. I hope he acts this way a little more from now on.


A huge complaint I have is in the conclusion of this arc. Its not with the last fight, I loved that fight, but when All Might says this happened because the teachers were negligent on Bakugo’s mental health…


So you mean to tell these kids haven’t had any sort of counseling after the events they’ve witnessed. This isn’t just an issue with Bakugo. So between the villains attack in season 1, the fight with Hero Killer Stain, Deku getting ambushed in the mall, and Bakugo’s kidnapping the school never put the students through a mental evaluation? U.A. is a top tier school that has what seems like limitless accommodations for their students but they don’t get therapy after traumatic events? Everything until this point until this felt organic. This just feels like lazy writing.

Things I took away from this arc

Todoroki realized he still has unresolved problems with Endeavor.

Toga has the quirk to change her appearance into others. She has some of Deku’s blood for her quirk. The villains are still planning behind the scenes.

Deku can control full cowling up to 8% without injuring himself.

Deku has is provisional hero license. He will probably go on missions and fight more villains now.

Bakugo opened up to Deku about his shortcomings and is insecurities. They seem to be on a common ground now but still rivals.

Bakugo knows about the secret of One For All now.

Since the story hasn’t developed too much since my last write up here I have basically the same predictions. I can’t praise the production team enough for the effort put into it. It’s truly amazing.

All in all, I was pretty surprised I enjoyed this arc as much as I did. We got more screen time on other schools and heroes which is always nice. The more I learn about the world of My Hero Academia the more impressed by it. We got some serious development on the relationship between Deku and Bakugo. The one thing I would improve upon is making the villains better. Give the audience a reason to for them to be scared of them. If they improve on that and not have a terrible ending this might be one of my favorite shounen anime.

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